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  1. (The instructions for posting an image to Instagram are the same as they are for the Chrome browser instructions, listed above.) How to Post a Video to Instagram Using a Desktop Computer To upload a video to Instagram from your desktop, you'll need to use a third-party service that offers social media scheduling software
  2. Posting on Instagram is super easy, whether you're posting from the mobile app or your computer. To post on the Instagram mobile app, open the app and tap +. Then, choose or take a photo and select a filter. Tap Next, add a caption,..
  3. After eleven years, Instagram has finally allowed users to post from desktop.. Instagram is a photo-sharing social media app and before recently, you could only post on Instagram through the.

Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family Why Post to Instagram? Instagram is an excellent social media channel for brands. The platform encourages businesses to post content, and Instagrammers love interacting with brands:. In 2021, there are 1.074 billion global Instagram users Instagram is designed only to allow image uploads from a smartphone or tablet, but you can trick Instagram into thinking you are using a mobile device, after which you can make posts right from. This Instagram post idea is going to take more work than some of the others, but influencer marketing is a great way to build your brand by relying on the social proof. When people who your target audience knows and trust use your products and services, they help drive more people towards your brand

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According to an updated 2019 report from SproutSocial, the best times to post on Instagram are: Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. Friday between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. Take a look at SproutSocial's engagement graph below to get a visual feel for how engagement fluctuates throughout certain days of the week and between certain times Easily turn your Instagram posts into ads with Promote. Turn any post into an ad. Just decide where to send users, who should see it and how much to spend. See How. Build multi-platform campaigns with Ads Manager. An advanced all-in-one tool for creating ads across Instagram, Facebook and more To post on Instagram from PC, you will have to use modern web browsers with a special built-in feature that allows you to access Instagram's mobile view on desktop. To put it simply, when you're on the desktop version of Instagram, you can enable this special feature and tell your browser that you're viewing the site from a mobile device. How to Post on Instagram on PC in Hindi | Post on Instagram from Computer 2020[UPDATED VIDEO] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpANXDG1u7AAbout Video :Who d.. LATELY SOCIAL: https://latelysocial.com/#pricing?via=benHow To Post On Instagram From Computer SOLVED, watch this quick guide on instagram on pc.-----..

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You can add stickers, drawings, and more text to your image by tapping the smiley face on a sticker icon, the squiggly line, and the Aa icon. Tap Your Stories or Send to. If you want to post the Story to your Instagram account and your Facebook account, tap Your Stories and it will be an instant process In this blog post, we're sharing how the Instagram algorithm works for feed posts, stories, the Explore page, IGTV videos, and Instagram Reels. Plus, discover our top tips to hack the Instagram algorithm, so you can get more engagement for your business or brand: Table of Contents: How the Instagram Algorithm Works for Feed Posts in 202

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram? The best time to post on Instagram (in local time) is 6AM, according to Later's analysis of 35M global Instagram posts. The best days to post on Instagram are Saturday and Sunday - with the highest average engagement occurring for posts published on Sunday at 6AM To finally post the photo on Instagram, click the check icon on the top-right. Access Instagram without a phone via the Instagram App on PC The official Instagram app is now available on Windows.


  1. 10.3k Likes, 1,052 Comments - @youngguru763 on Instagram: There is nothing I can write that will take away this pain. I have to say RIP to my mentor, my bi
  2. Instagram. 10. Kylie Jenner and Stormi reigned for a while. And again, Kylie Jenner is back on the list. She's bossed Instagram, there's no doubt about that. And she held the record for the most liked Instagram picture for a fairly long time (341 days) with this post, too. Then along came the egg
  3. Learn how to use Instagram, fix a problem, and get answers to your questions. Instagram Help Center. Help Center; What's New. COVID-19 Information Center. Do More with Reels. Add Your Pronouns to Your Profile. Hide Like and View Counts. Discover Black-Owned Shops on Instagram. Checkout on Instagram
  4. Such posts are most useful for businesses in a creative field like travel, design, home decor, fashion, etc. Here's an example of the home decor brand, Havenly, that simply posts beautiful pictures on its Instagram feed and has managed to build a massive following
  5. Brands post campaigns you can participate in. Post a picture with the specified hashtags on Instagram and get paid. You need at least 700 engaged followers to be eligible. The rules vary when it comes to sponsored content, but to be on the safe side and respect your audience's trust, consider adding a #sponsored hashtag to indicate sponsored.
  6. Posting a picture from your desktop is pretty easy, it just takes a quick little hack to do the trick. First, go to Instagram.com and sign into the desktop version of the app. If you didn't.

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  1. 333k Likes, 11.5k Comments - Kyle Lowry (@kyle_lowry7) on Instagram: Thank u for everything Toronto, Canada swipe for farewell
  2. Instagram is all about providing value to your followers, especially if you want more engagement. When you post on Instagram, your goal should be to publish photos and videos that evoke some kind of emotion, such as happiness, humor, motivation, nostalgia, love, or something else. High-quality photos with a lot of colors tend to get the most.
  3. Switch Formats Fast. Here's a serious time-saver - resize and reformat your design in one click. Select from popular presets or enter custom dimensions. Try the feature. Objects. Finish With Flare. Have fun designing Instagram posts by picking and placing animations, illustrations, shapes, stickers, icons, frames, and more. Explore all objects
  4. Instagram Post Ideas (when you're not sure what to post on Instagram) 80% of Instagram users follow a business account on Instagram and 1/3 of users are using Instagram Stories. That's a LOT of users following stories, which makes it even more impactful to realise that 1/3 of the most viewed stories are actually created by businesses
  5. Make stunning, shareable content with Adobe Spark Post. Fill your Instagram feed with eye-catching content with the help of Adobe Spark Post. Explore templates, upload your photos, and design Instagram posts in various sizes for any of your creative needs. It's as easy as choosing a template, customizing, and sharing. Edit this template
  6. How to Create Awesome Instagram Posts. Open Fotor and click Create a Design feature and choose the Instagram Post layout. Choose one of Fotor's ready-made templates which is most fitting for your design or start your own from scratch. Drag and drop your photos in to replace the original ones. Adjust fonts, colors - add texts and stickers or.

Instagram allows you to post several types of content, including photos, videos, and Stories. Let's talk about the different Instagram post types and some best practices for encouraging engagement. Images. The most common post on Instagram is an image post. When posting images, share a variety of photos It has Instagram video auto-posting, Instagram story auto-posting, user & location tagging, image editor, board scheduling, etc. Features: Sked Social is the platform for automatically posting stories, carousels, images, videos, etc. on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter Instagram is adding the ability to create and publish posts straight from your desktop, Facebook confirmed Thursday. Until now, Instagram users have only been able to post stories from their phone.

To post to Instagram from PC or Mac with Hopper HQ, you're able to upload files from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, Box, URL or web search. This is very handy if you work collaboratively on cloud file sharing sites and want to post to Instagram from your desktop Instagram Post Ideas or, What to Post in Instagram Styled Product Photos. Instagram is all about creative and unique visuals.So when you share product photos, you'll want to make sure you style them in a way that's visually interesting, like this post announcing a new collection from Vans Listen audio version Save In one of Instagram's blog posts, they referred to Instagram as a place where people turn their passions into purchase. If this is true, then every business person, blogger, podcaster, writer, programmer, and freelancer should have an Instagram account if they want to turn followers into loyal customers. The blog post 6 Best Instagram Scheduler Apps For. Top 100 Hashtags on Instagram with the total number of posting on Instagram. We are trying the best to update the database with pupular and trending hashtags with our algorithm. Tap on the Hashtags to view more related famous hashtags to let your next post a boost If you don't have an Instagram account, you can report abuse, spam or anything else that doesn't follow our Community Guidelines using this form. After you report something on Instagram, you may be able to check the status of your report. Learn more about what you can do if you don't agree with Instagram's decision about content you reported

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  1. Instagram used to crop all of the photos added to a single Instagram post to fit the traditional square format, but recent changes have given you a little more flexibility. Now when you upload multiple photos to a single post, you can choose how to crop them based on the first photo you add, but all of your photos will then be cropped exactly.
  2. 11 Super Simple Ideas for What to Post on Instagram. 1. Your Products in Use. A powerful way to tell your company's story is through photos of people using your products or services in the real world. >> Click to Tweet <<. Instagram. lululemon Verified. Mall of the Emirates. View Profile
  3. In early 2018, Instagram revised their API to allow third-party apps to post to Instagram in some circumstances. While it adds the ability to schedule posts, not all of the usual Instagram features are available.Several social media management services like Buffer, Sendible, and Hootsuite offer this functionality now
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Tap the stacked square icon to create a multiple-image Instagram post. Once you tap on the stacked squares icon, scroll through your image library and tap to select up to 10 images and/or videos. When you select an image, the number in the top-right corner of the image will tell you the image's number in the slideshow order Posts that include at least one hashtag get 12.6% more engagement than those without, according to Sprout Social. You can use up to 30 hashtags on your Instagram post, but the optimal number is 11. Include a branded hashtag on all your posts, such as the name of your business, so that shoppers can search for and find your business Promoting posts on Instagram is simple. Just having more people seeing what you do means you'll get the chance to do more work and grow more as a business. - Alex, @santocuervotattoo. Promote Post. Promoted posts are only available on mobile. Please from your phone to promote a post This list contains the top 20 posts with the most likes on the photo and video-sharing social networking service Instagram.The most-liked post on Instagram is a photo of an egg, which has been liked by over 55 million different accounts as of July 2021. The post is also the most-liked internet post of all time of any website

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Unique posts can help you get more followers and likes on your posts. It's a good post maker for Instagram. You can get a good Instagram post template, photo frames in HD, and a variety of photo collages. Save & Share: Create awesome posts for Instagram or other social networks and share them with your friends or family or clients on any platform Instagram is testing the ability to create posts using the web browser on a desktop computer. The feature was spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra, and Facebook confirmed the test in a. Instagram will automatically pull in a similar audience that you can share the post to, but you can easily create your own audience in the app by choosing an interest, age range, and gender(s). Once you've set up your audience and budget, make sure to give your ad one last look-over before hitting Confirm Choose any post, including one of your own, that you want to share. Tap the Send To button and choose Add Post to Your Story (as mentioned above). A new story post will open. Instagram's technology automatically selects a gradient of colors for the background based on the colors in the post image. The original post is a square image with the. Does posting too often on Instagram result in your posts seeing less reach? It's a hot topic of debate - since Instagram introduced its feed algorithm two years back, many have questioned the impact of over-posting, and what 'over-posting' might, specifically, entail.. For their part, Instagram recently stated that their algorithm does not downrank users for posting too frequently - though it.

With the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, coming up with fresh Instagram post ideas can be a challenge. We hope these 9 post ideas offered some inspirations on what to try out for your brand. Between Stories, posts and IGTV, Instagram now offers a variety of content types Share Facebook Posts to Instagram on Mobile. Since the Facebook mobile apps do not support the above methods, you can try an alternative way or a hack to cross-post

A 2021 study of 14 industries shows that businesses share four Instagram posts per week, on average. But we recommend posting at least once a day. Brands that get into a regular flow with Instagram posts tend to see the best results. According to a Tailwind study, profiles that post daily gain Instagram followers faster than those that post. Skedsocial, formerly known as Schedugram, is a popular Instagram scheduler with over 10,000+ users. It can be used to schedule feed posts, stories, carousel posts, and videos. Save. It's very convenient to use for both individuals and teams as you can add unlimited users for free Similar to Instagram's parent company Facebook, the top times to post on Instagram expanded in 2020 compared to previous years. Midday engagement during weekdays became even denser with top times throughout the 11 a.m.-2 p.m. range, and evenings and weekend times showed increased opportunities for engagement Other recent Instagram changes include the platform testing Suggested Posts in users' main feed, the ability to hide like counts, and the Live feature gaining options for muting and disabling video

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Instagram doesn't have a direct means for sharing GIFs on your profile. With Giphy and Stories, it's finally possible to post GIFs to Instagram. Here's ho Shedding More Light on How Instagram Works. It's hard to trust what you don't understand. We want to do a better job of explaining how Instagram works. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, and we recognize that we can do more to help people understand what we do. Today, we're sharing the first in a series of posts that will shed more. The Instagram feature Close Friends allows to you to post stories to a select group of your followers. With Close Friends you can choose to post a Story to all of your followers or to just to that. We strive to bring people together in a safe and supportive community. We believe expression is the greatest connector. Make the most of your Instagram experience If you were marketing or selling on Instagram prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the best time to post would be in the hours just prior to lunch on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (Sprout Social, 2020). The best day to post on Instagram was on Wednesday. The worst day to post was on Sunday

Once you tap on the Instagram button, it will automatically open Instagram. You will be provided with two options: Add the GIF as a post to your Feed. Add the GIF to your Instagram Story. If you select Feed, an .mp4 (15 second looped GIF) will be pushed into a post How to post a video on IGTV using the Instagram mobile app. 1. Open the Instagram app and tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. 2. Select the video you want to upload, then tap Next. 3. If you have an Instagram business account, promoting a post through the Instagram app is as easy as tapping a few icons: Log into the Instagram app, and go to your business profile

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By using carousel posts in this way, Supergoop! are providing targeted advice, without alienating their wider audience. This type of hyper-personalized post is often used to provide bespoke recommendations for different skin types or concerns, eye or hair color, or astrology signs. Instagram. fentybeauty Verified If you care about engagement, you've likely experimented with prime posting times for your Instagram posts. Some advise around 5:00 p.m. when everyone is on the commute home, others say. 792003477 posts have been published through Postcron in 6053016 social accounts schedule your posts everywhere Auto post on Instagram, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest... all from one place

In this article, you'll find eight distinct ways to share links on your Instagram profile and posts. #1: Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio. Let's start with the first and simplest way to place a link on Instagram. The Instagram bio is the only place where anyone, including private personal accounts, can share a clickable link Saving a post on Instagram and adding it to a Collection couldn't be easier (finding those saved posts is a different story altogether). When you come across an Instagram post you want to bookmark, simply tap the Save button from the bottom-right corner of the post (it shows up as a Bookmark icon) How to post a photo to Instagram. 7. Setting up your location. When you click, Add Location you will see a list of previously used locations in your general area. If you have a brick and mortar location, you may see that someone has already named your location. If your store, restaurant, or office hasn't been named, you can name it yourself Celebgram - Fashion Instagram Post Templates. Celebgram is a unique pack of Instagram post templates that feature vibrant colors and creative designs. It includes 10 unique post templates in PSD and AI file formats. You can edit the templates and replace the images with just a single click using Smart Objects

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Scheduling posts on Instagram is a way to efficiently publish content every day. The Blueprint shares best practices and useful tools Repost an Instagram post in 3 simple steps: 1) Open Instagram and find the post you want to repost. 2) Tap on the option button (•••) and select Copy Link. 3) Open Repost and the post shows up automatically. Disclaimer: This app is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Instagram, Inc. --- How to Mute Someone on Instagram. From the Instagram app for iPhone or Android, navigate to the profile of the person or page that you want to mute. Here, tap the Following button found near the top of the profile. From the menu that appears, tap the Mute button. Now, tap on the toggle next to Posts and Stories. Images may be the most common post type on Instagram but, according to a recent study from social media analytics tool quintly, videos get up to 21% more interactions.. If you're interested in learning how to post a video on Instagram, go no further

1) Use a third-party app. On Instagram Stories, you can post longer videos on Instagram—as long as you break it up into 15-second clips. Apps such as Continual for Instagram ($7.99 on iOS) do. As you browse Instagram for inspiration, you may want to remember specific posts you've seen. Save posts to keep track of the photos and videos you want to reference later. You can also organize them into private collections for easy reference. Visit the Instagram Help Center to learn how to save posts on Instagram Instagram has started testing creating and publishing posts on desktop. The feature was spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra, who shared screenshots on Twitter, revealing users will. Instagram has introduced a much-needed Recently Deleted feature that will let you view and recover deleted posts in the app. The company says it has also added protection to help prevent hackers. The average engagement rate per post in 2020 was much higher on Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter, according to research from Socialinsider. The report was based on analysis of engagement data (likes, comments, reactions, shares, retweets, etc.) related to 22 million posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in 2020. The post were by organizations in 35 industries

How to delete an Instagram post. 1. Open your phone's Instagram app and, in the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the profile icon. 2. On your Instagram profile page, find and tap the photo. Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams both post photos from 'The Last Dance' on Instagram. Share this article 2.2k shares share tweet text email link Zach Kruse. July 24, 2021 9:44 am CT. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams have the same Instagram story up right now.. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we've seen people on Instagram embrace Live in different ways. In the past year, special moments have happened on Live, including informational talks about science and COVID-19 guidelines, interviews with celebrities and record-breaking rap battles

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